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Adhesive Tapes

Acrylic Tapes

These self-adhesive tapes are based on water and are backed with polypropylene film.Tough BOPP film provides flexibility and strength.The water based adhesive offers high clarity, UV resistance,quick stick and low odour.

Stationary Tape

These multi-purpose Acrylic Tapes are widely used in offices, schools and home for all kinds of paper and craft projects to join, safeguard and mend various light-weight materials. These are extra clear and very easy to slice with hands. They come in easy to use packing with dispensers or inside containers.

Hot melt tape

``A tape is just a tape`` and everybody can make a tape that works! However we at Bagla Group provide a product, which is more than just a Carton Sealing Tape. The ``Hot Stick`` product is made from hot melt based synthetic rubber backed by a high strength polypropylene film. It provides superb tack and adhesion to surface as well as a very strong grip on the carton. It ensures a safe and secure movement of boxes throughout the globe!

Tear Tape

An easy opening strip of self adhesive tape which can tear apart all type of over wrapped packages be it cigarettes, chocolate, biscuits, audio and video tapes does providing an easy opening tool for all types of FMCG goods. These tapes can be further printed for security and brand promotion of the product . These tapes also help in easy opening of heavy cotton which is properly sealed by the user to prevent dust and other elements from entering the final package cartoon and provide an easy opening solution to the sealed cartoon.

Masking Tape

Whether you require tensile strength, temperature resistance, removability, flexibility or sharp paint lines, our ``Mask Me`` brand of masking tapes are engineered to meet the demands of a range of jobs.